Commercial Façade Loan Program


The Commercial Façade Program is essential to the Economic Development Department’s overall mission to assist in the prevention and elimination of slums and blight and to encourage the revitalization and eliminate the deterioration of commercial and industrial centers within the Town’s urban core “Central Business Districts.”

Application Fee: $100.00 (non-refundable)

Application Period: Open

Interest Rate: 0% (principal only payments)

Amount of Financing:

Up to 50% of eligible projects, generally not to exceed $10,000. Minimum loan is $2,500

Commitment Fee:

One percent (1%) of the approved loan amount


Commercial property owners (where at least 51% of the building is used for commercial purposes only). No applicant that has defaulted on a previous Local Development Corporation loan will be eligible to apply

Eligible Areas:

Central Business District (CBD) areas of the Town of Union, including the Villages of Endicott and Johnson City (see Town of Union Economic Development Map for eligible areas)

Eligible Use of Proceeds:

Design elements that are a structural part of the commercial building (i.e. window & door replacement, exterior refinishing, and other design elements at the discretion of the LDC Board)

Ineligible Use of Proceeds:

General maintenance items will not be allowed for existing commercial property owners and may be allowed for new property owners at the discretion of the LDC Board (i.e. painting, roof repairs/replacement, etc..). New construction.

Ineligible Users:

Commercial property owners applying for façade funding to lease to a tenant engaged in one or more of the following industries sectors will not be eligible; Not-for-profit organizations, Recreation facilities not open to the public; Adult entertainment operations, Gambling facilities; Day care centers, if not licensed by the state, Residential housing, if it’s determined that the residential component of the project will be occupying more than 49% of the buildings overall usable square footage, in addition to other industry sectors that may not be listed above

Amount of Participation:

At least 50% of the project cost is funded privately, either through a private lender, another public lender and owner equity (a minimum of 10% owners cash equity is required)

Term of the loan:

Not to exceed a term of five (5) years


First mortgage or subordinate mortgage to a bank. An appraisal may be required on property taken as collateral. Appraisal values must be greater than the loan financing on the property, and can not exceed the program loan-to-value ratio, other collateral may be accepted at the discretion of the LDC Board


Personal guarantees of property owners. Corporate guarantees (if applicable)

Federal Labor Standards Provision:

  • Commercial façade projects will not be subject to Federal Labor Standards Provisions

Other Criteria:

  • Demonstrated ability to repay debt
  • Demonstrated commitment by the commercial property owner (s)
  • Firm project and project cost
  • If project is located in a local, state and/or national historic preservation area design elements must have all necessary approval(s)
  • Project must meet all applicable zoning and code regulations
  • The commercial property owner will be required to obtain and comply with all applicable federal, state, and local government regulations, approvals, and permits required by law to be obtained in carrying out the work set forth plans and specifications
  • All obligations of the property owner to the Town of Union LDC, Town of Union, Village of Endicott, Village of Johnson City or Broome County must be current, including but not limited to any and all loan payments as well as real estate, school, water and sewer taxes on all properties owned in the Town of Union.
  • In the event that the building is sold or title is transferred, the unpaid balance of the loan will become due and payable

Job Creation and Retention: None

Job Cost Ratio: None