Human Resources


The Town of Union provides a generous benefits package for our employees. Benefit plans, including paid holidays, vacation and sick leave, are offered based on the classification of employment. All classes of employees are eligible to join the New York State Retirement System.

Part-time, regular employees who work a standard 19.5 hours per week year round, employed in positions designated as eligible part-time, are offered limited benefits. These include: pro-rated vacation, sick, and holiday pay. Hospitalization, master medical and prescription; NYS statutory disability; and workers' compensation. A $15.95 per week payroll deduction for medical insurance is required.

Elected and some Appointed Officials are eligible for limited benefits. Call for details.

Retirees. Employees who were hired prior to December 31, 1997 and who retire from the Town of Union under the New York State Retirement Plan, are eligible to continue their medical benefits. Premiums are fully paid by the Town of Union. Deductibles, co-payments, and coordination of benefits with Medicare apply.

The Town of Union provides our workforce with a safe, drug-free work environment. The Town of Union is an equal employment opportunity employer.

Contact the Personnel Office by phone at: (607) 786-2938 for comprehensive information regarding our benefit package.