Assessments And Taxes

Grievance Day

Grievance Day is the fourth Tuesday in May.

The Grievance Board is a three member board which reviews your tax assessment in cases where you and your Assessor disagree as to the value/relative value of your property for real property tax purposes.

The Board meets once a year, in May, to hear and rule on taxpayer complaints. The Board has the authority to sustain or override the decision of the Town Assessor.

Complaint forms and instruction booklets outlining the grievance procedures are available in the Assessor's office after May 1.

Assessment records are available for review in the Assessors office.

The Assessor's office does not participate in the decisions made by the Grievance Board. They are an independent body and the Assessor's office receives their decision at the same time as you. The Assessor's office, therefore, does not have any information to assist in answering specific questions you may have about a Grievance Board decision. If you have any questions, they should be forwarded in writing to the Town of Union Grievance Board.


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