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To view pictures of the Endicott Inn Demolition, Click on the link.

Endicott Inn Demolition

AMOS Patterson Museum

The museum, soon to be located in the restored George F. Johnson Carriage House, is located behind the Endicott Library in the heart of a historic district in Endicott.  Although the Museum building is currently under construction, programs and historic services are still available.  When the new facility opens exciting exhibits will include artifacts, photographs, and documents featuring local history, as well as an extensive WWII Military Heritage Center.  The Town of Union Historian Office will also be located in the new location on the second floor. 

For more information please contact.....

Suzanne Meredith, Town of Union Historian - 607-760-2547


Jackie Tedesco, Amos Patterson Museum president -607-748-7271

The Assessors Office can be reached at 607-786-2905

Click on the link below to see some art work completed for the Town's website by art department students from Maine Endwell High School.

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