Dog Control Contact Info

Desmond Estrada
Dog Control Officer 

phone icon (607) 786-2940
fax icon (607) 786-2320
email icon Email
address icon 3111 E. Main Street
       Endwell, NY 13760

Office Hours

M-F 8 am to 4 pm


Deputy Dog Control Officer 

phone icon (607) 
fax icon (607) 
email icon Email
address icon 3111 E. Main Street
       Endwell, NY 13760

Office Hours


Any emergency calls should be directed to 786-2941 and the call will be forwarded to the DCO.  He will respond to found dog calls if the dog is contained, an injured dog with an unknown owner, and a dog bites where the dog is not with the owner. 




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 Important Update on Dog License Renewal & New License

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Forms & Documents 


  pdf Broome County Rabies Clinics 2020
  pdf Dog Control Law (as of 01/01/11)
  pdf Dog License Application

The Town of Union Dog Control Office contracts with the Broome County Dog Shelter which is located on Cutler Pond Road left of the driveway to the Broome County Public Safety Facility, adjacent to the Broome Community College Campus. It is Town of Union policy to transport unidentified dogs to the shelter immediately after they are picked up by Town Staff.

The telephone number for the Front Street Dog Shelter is: 778-2493.

Are you missing a pet? Please check the following:

What To Do If Your Dog Becomes Missing

It is important to always keep a watchful eye on your beloved pets to ensure that they do not become a part of the vast stray population. If your dog or pup does happen to get lost, there are measures that you can take to optimize your likelihood of retrieving your friend.

  • Always keep your pet properly identified.
    This includes:
    • a current dog license tag
    • personal identification including the dog's name and home phone number
    • any other pertinent tags, such as vaccination tags or microchip tags
  • Keep available a current photograph
  • Contact all dog control officers, animal shelters and veterinarians in your area
  • Place a lost report with Lost and found pets Broome County's facebook page, news outlets and scan 'Found Ads' daily
  • Place fliers in as many locations as possible & offer a reward
  • Notify your neighbors
  • If the animal is microchipped or tattooed, notify the organization where the pet is registered
  • Visit your local animal shelters every other day!!!

Other Agencies

The Town of Union only contracts with the Broome County Dog Shelter, but the following agencies may be contracted to assist you in locating a lost pet: 

 List of Broome County Dog Control PHONE NUMBERS and LOCATIONS Where Their Strays are Housed:

  • City of Binghamton - 607.772.7158 (Broome County Dog Shelter)
  • Barker - 607.727.8175 (Broome County Dog Shelter)
  • Town of Binghamton - 607.217.8857(Humane Society)
  • Chenango - 607.727-6645 (Broome County Dog Shelter)
  • Colesville - 607.693.1592 (B.C. Humane Society)
  • Conklin - 607.217.8857 (Broome County Dog Shelter)
  • Dickinson - 607.648.4801 x8 (Broome County Dog Shelter)
  • Fenton - 607.648.4801 x8 (Broome County Dog Shelter)
  • Kirkwood - 607.775.4353 (Broome County Dog Shelter)
  • Lisle - 607.849.4652 (Tammy Hamlin)
  • Maine - 607.862.0035 x8 (B.C. Humane Society)
  • Nanticoke - 607.201.8902 (Broome County Dog Shelter)
  • Sanford - 607.201.8479 (Delaware Valley Humane Society)
  • Triangle - 607.692-4311 x23 (Tammy Hamlin)
  • Union - 607.786.2940 (Broome County Dog Shelter)
  • Vestal - 607.748.1514 x319(Vestal Vet)
  • Windsor - 607.655.3118 (Broome County Dog Shelter)
  • Village of Whitney Point – 607 648-4801 x8 (Humane Society)

Local DEC Officers

Andrew McCormick (607) 797-9543

Anthony Rigoli (607) 766-1375

Eric Templeton (607) 621-3255


Dogs of The Week (Nala & Mugsy)

 Nala 2

 Send your dog's photo and name in for a spot on our Dog Control page to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



BC Humane Society
  167 Conklin Ave
  Binghamton, NY 13903
  (607) 724-3709
Project P.A.W. Inc.,
  127 Bevier Street
  Binghamton, NY 13904
  (607) 724-2241
  351 Flint Road
  Binghamton, NY 13905
  (607) 729-7368
Animal Care Council 
  (607) 786-7729



Dog licenses are issued by the Town of Union Town Clerk's Office.

Further information may be obtained on the Town Clerk's Office

Leash Law

Click here to view leash law


Emergency Calls

At this time there is no dog officer available for emergencies.  Contact Broome COunty Dispatch at 778-1911.



Dog Control FAQ's

The Town of Union Dog Control Office covers the entire Town of Union including the Villages of Johnson City and Endicott.

The Dog Control office is staffed seven days a week as follows - Tuesday and Wednesday 8 am to 4 pm, Monday, Thursday and Friday 8 am to 10 pm, Saturday and Sunday 9 am to 5 pm. The Town Office building is closed on weekends and after 4 pm on weekdays. For After hour’s emergencies, please call 786-2941. After hours emergencies are considered to be an injured dog or a dog bite where the owner of the dog is not known.

Please call the Dog Control Office at (607) 786-2940 as soon as you know your dog is missing. If we are closed or unavailable, please leave a voicemail message with a description of the dog and how we may contact you. You should also call the Broome County Dog Shelter at 778-2493. For a list of DCO's in Broome County please refer to this site

Please call the Dog Control Office at (607) 786-2940. You should not keep the dog. It is unlawful to keep some else’s dog. If the dog is not claimed after 10 days, it may be possible for you to adopt it.

The Town of Union Code requires dogs to be restrained by an adequate collar and leash and accompanied by an owner or a responsible person and under the full control of such owner or person when not on the owners’ property.

Any dog which engages in loud howling, barking, crying or whining so as to unreasonably annoy any person is considered a public nuisance.

Please call (607) 786-2940 to speak with the Dog Control office. If closed or unavailable, please leave a brief message including your name and call back phone number.

All dogs four months of age or older that are owned or harbored in the Town of Union must be licensed.

If you live in the Town of Union, Village of Johnson City or Village of Endicott you may obtain a dog license by visiting the Town Clerk's office at 3111 E. Main Street, Endwell or by calling 786-2900. The application shall be accompanied by the license fee and a certificate of rabies vaccination, provided such certificate or affidavit shall not be required if the same is already on file with the Town Clerk. In lieu of the rabies certificate an owner may present a statement certified by a licensed veterinarian stating that he has examined the dog and found that the life of the dog would be endangered by vaccinating due to old age or other reasons. In the case of a spayed or neutered dog, every application shall also be accompanied by a certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian or an affidavit signed by the owner, showing that the dog has been spayed or neutered, provided such certificate or affidavit shall not be required if the same is already on file with the Town Clerk.

No, please contact the Front Street Dog Shelter at (607) 778-2493 for this service.

The Dog Control Officer does not investigate animal cruelty cases. They are handled by the Humane Society which may be contacted at 724-3709.

Complaints of this nature should be directed to your municipality’s Code Enforcement Office.

Inquires of this nature should be directed to the Broome County Dog Shelter at 778-2493 or the Broome County Humane Society at 724-3709

The Broome County Health Department lists clinics on the following site: