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Engineering Contact Info

Lou Caforio
Commissioner of Public Works 

phone icon (607) 786-2952
fax icon (607) 786-2350
email icon Email
address icon 3111 E. Main Street
       Endwell, NY 13760

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
8am - 4pm



Patrick Horvatt - Assistant Engineer (786-2951)
Mary Bricker - Administrative Assistant (786-2950)
If a Town street has no curb and gutter a homeowner can request to have them installed. Each homeowner will pay for half of the installation cost of curb and gutter. This will include installing the curb and gutter and any restoration work to lawns and driveways. Items that will not be charged to the homeowner include storm sewer installation and road resurfacing. The minimum amount of curb that will be installed is one block both sides of the road. A formal request needs to be submitted to the Engineering Department which will prepare the required paperwork needed to proceed with the request. Once the requestor receives the paperwork they must visit each person that owns property within the limits of the request. Those in agreement with the petition will sign; those not in favor will not sign. Keep in mind that if there are two names on the petition, indicating joint ownership, both parties must sign in order for that property to qualify as a “yes” vote. If at least 50% of the overall frontage (not 50% of the properties) signs in favor of the petition the process to contract the work will be started by the Engineering Department. The Engineering Department will verify if 50% of the frontage has been met. Typically the curbs would be installed the following year. Once the project is completed the homeowners can pay their portion in a lump sum or have it added to their taxes and paid over a five year period.