Zoning Board

The Zoning Board of Appeals is a seven (7) Member "Quasi Judicial" Board comprised of Town of Union residents appointed by the Town of Union Town Board.  It is the function of the Board of Appeals to give applicants permission to do something contrary to the Zoning Regulations, provided the Applicant provides SUFFICIENT evidence to JUSTIFY the variance.  The Board of Appeals has the legal power to issue area and use variances, and also resolve issues concerning disagreements with the decision/interpretation of the Building Inspector.

Application fee for a residential variance is $100 and for a non-residential variance the fee is $200.

Zoning Board Members

  • R. Mark Woodruff, Chairman
  • Norman Davis, Jr.
  • Dawne Perfetti
  • Giueseppe Roberto
  • James Kinne
  • Jim Morris
  • Paul Dolphin
  • Lee Kruczkowski - Alternate
  • Attorneys:
  • Thomas Dellapenna, Jr.
  • Alan Pope
  • Rosemarie Pope
  • Ryan Matt

Zoning Board Minutes June 3, 2024 Minutes
Zoning Board Minutes May 20, 2024 Minutes
Zoning Board Minutes April 29, 2024 Minutes
Zoning Board Minutes April 15, 2024 Minutes