Water Sewer Payments


Town of Union  Water & Sewer Payments (STOP & READ)

If your bill says Village of Endicott or Village of Johnson City, Do Not Pay through this site! You will not be credited and will be charged a return fee and it takes up to 7-10 days for your money to be returned. 

This payment site is for the limited number of Town of Union Water & Sewer customers only!

The Town of Union accepts website credit card payments & E-Checks for Town Water & Sewer Accounts.  Transaction fees do apply. We accept American Express, Discovery, Mastercard & Visa.

Town of Union Online Water & Sewer Payment Service , Please fill out the payment amount as stated on your bill. Click below.

Click Here to Make a Payment

If your water bill is for one of the other villages, the links are below for your convenience.

If Your Water Bill Says Village of Endicott, Click Here

If Your Water Bill Says Village of Johnson City, Click Here

Town of Union Water Sewer Rate Adjustment  - Effective for quarter ending March 5, 2020!