fieldsFacility Agreement

Resident Youth / Adult  - $35.00/hr (7 am - 6 pm)      $50.00/ hr under the lights (after 6 pm)

Non-Resident Youth  / Adult  - $50.00/hr (7 am-6 pm)       $65.00/ hr under the lights (after 6 pm)

Field Rules & Regulations, please click here
Registration Dates and FeesListed below is important information for those requesting fields. The fee policy and facility agreement is attached. The steps for scheduling fields are listed below. All information received will be returned if not filled out completely or if requested information is missing.

  1. Read all information.
  2. Leagues/Teams requesting field time must fill out a Facility Agreement Form.
  3. Requests must list specific dates and times requested.
  4. Requests must be accompanied by team rosters with names, addresses and schedules.
  5. Call the Parks Department with questions. Incomplete request forms may delay the scheduling process and
cause your league/team to forfeit desired playing times.

Fees are due in compliance with the fee schedule as it appears in the Facility Agreement.
The following may help answer your questions:All Youth Leagues and Teams are exempt from field user fees.

  1. A game will be defined as a one and one-half hour (1 1/2 hour) time slot.
  2. If you have an advanced league and manage to schedule two or more time slots back to back, you may squeeze games together (i.e. 3 one-hour games into 2 - 1 1/2 hour time slots).
  3. Fees apply to all playing times, including practice, regular season play and playoffs.
  4. The town will credit league/teams for games canceled by umpires, park officials or rain. At your written request, you may reserve make-up dates, providing fields are available, instead of receiving credits.