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Brian Lucas
Deputy Commissioner of Public Works for Codes and Ordinances 

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       Endwell, NY 13760

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
8am - 4pm

 To ensure that a Building Inspector or Code Enforcement Officer is available, it is best to call to make an appointment before coming into the offices.

Permits are required for the installation/placement of a swimming pool.  The term “Swimming Pool” means any structure, basin, chamber or tank which is intended for swimming, diving, recreational bathing or wading and which contains, is designed to contain, or is capable of containing water more than 24 inches (610 mm) deep at any point. This includes in-ground, above-ground and on-ground pools; indoor pools; hot tubs; spas; and fixed-in-place wading pools.

Common Questions

DOES AN ABOVE-GROUND POOL HAVE TO BE ENCLOSED BY A FENCE? Yes, if any part of the pool wall is less than 48" high. Any stair access to the pool must have a self closing and latching gate of four feet in height or the ladder must be the type that can be locked in the upright position when the pool is not in use. 

ARE THERE RESTRICTIONS ON WHERE A POOL CAN BE PLACED? Yes, the requirements are based on the Zoning District. Call the office for the setbacks for your property.

IS A POOL ALARM REQUIRED? Each swimming pool installed, constructed or substantially modified after December 14, 2006 shall be equipped with an approved pool alarm.

ARE THERE REGULATIONS REGARDING HOT TUBS OR SPAS? Yes, it is regulated similar to a swimming pool if it holds more than 24 inches of water. Please call the Code Office for further information.

Both the building permit application and swimming pool application are required for all swimming pool installations.

pdf Building Permit Application

pdf Swimming Pool Application

pdf Town of Union Swimming Pool Regulations