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Engineering Contact Info

Lou Caforio
Commissioner of Public Works 

phone icon (607) 786-2952
fax icon (607) 786-2350
email icon Email
address icon 3111 E. Main Street
       Endwell, NY 13760

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
8am - 4pm



Patrick Horvatt - Assistant Engineer (786-2951)
Mary Bricker - Administrative Assistant (786-2950)

The Town of Union Engineering Department has an annual curb and gutter and sidewalk replacement contract where damaged curb and gutter or sidewalk is replaced at no cost to the homeowner. The Engineering Department has an ongoing list of complaints, each spring the contract is awarded and the DCPW-Engineering performs a site visit to each complaint to verify and mark the damaged sections. The amount of curb and gutter and sidewalk that is marked each year is based on what the bid prices come in at. In some cases the replacement might take two construction seasons before we are able to accomplish the work. The Town will not replace curb and gutter that is in good condition to remove or add a driveway entrance; this is the responsibility of the homeowner.  Where there are sidewalks, the Town is not responsible for the driveway aprons (area between the sidewalk and curb and gutter). This area is treated as a driveway. If the apron is in disrepair it is the responsibility of the homeowner to hire someone to repair it.  It is important to note that there are many streets in the Town in which the gutter portion is paved over. If this is the case and we replace the curb we will NOT pave back over the gutter. We will cut further into the road and/or driveways to make the transition smoother. There are many cases where tree roots cause the sidewalk or curb and gutter to heave. Trees that are in the Town Right-of-Way may be cut down by the Highway Department depending on the severity of the upheaval. If the tree causing the upheaval is on private property the property owner will be notified of the problem. The Town’s contractor will remove enough of the root system to replace the sidewalk or curb and gutter. Neither the Town nor the contractor will be held responsible if the tree dies due to the roots being removed.