Scheduled Town Board Meetings are 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of every month with the exception of July & August. Please check our calendar link below.

Town Calendar

5:30 PM - Work Session (subject to change)

7:00 PM - Board Meeting

The Town Board will hold one meeting in July and August as follows at 7:00 PM: July 12, 2023 & August 9, 2023

Meetings are held at the Town of Union Office Building, 3111 E. Main St., Endwell, NY 13760 Minutes are posted once they are approved at the next regular meeting. Committee on Open Government, Open Meetings Law: § 106.Minutes - Minutes shall be taken at all open meetings of a public body which consist of a record or summary of all motions, proposals, resolutions, and any other matter formally voted upon and the vote thereon.



Town Board Members


Robert Mack - Supervisor

(607) 786-2995

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Thomas R. Augostini

Deputy Supervisor (January 1, 2023 - December 31, 2023)

(607) 786-2995

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70 Martin Avenue

Johnson City, NY 13790

(607) 797-6514

Welcome to the Town of Union and thank you visiting our website!  Our website is designed to provide accurate and easy-to-use information on Town services and programs.

 For those of you who have chosen the Town of Union as your home, you already appreciate the qualities that make the Town of Union a special place. Your Town government provides many important services such as street maintenance, refuse and recycling collection, sewer maintenance and repairs, parks and recreation programs to name a few.  As a result of a philosophy of innovation and cost-based management, your Town government is determined to provide services in the most efficient way possible. The roughly 56,000 residents of the Town of Union can be assured that the Town Board and staff is taking steps to maintain and improve the quality of life in our town.  This does not happen by chance.  Positive accomplishments are realized by the combined efforts of residents, businesses, community organizations, Town leadership, and dedicated Town employees. Together we can continue to make the Town of Union a special place to live, work and raise our families. 

Please feel free to contact me at anytime with your thoughts, ideas and concerns so that our community will thrive!



Frank Bertoni

(607) 786-2995

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327 Bermond Ave.

Endicott, New York 13760

(607) 754-4751

I am a life long resident of the Town of Union.  I grew up in North Endicott and graduated from Union Endicott High School.  I then attended Jacksonville University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management.  My career was in teaching mathematics for 30+ years, and I’ve continued to work for 7½ years as a substitute teacher at Maine Endwell and Union Endicott High Schools.

Prior to my 2008 election as a Councilman for the Town of Union, I served on the Town of Union Citizens Advisory Council for Community Development and was the chairperson for the Village of Endicott Citizens Advisory Committee for Parks.  I was very active as a Basketball Coach for many years, and also founded the Southern Tier Storm AAU Program.

My goal as a Councilman is to continue improving the quality of life for all Town of Union residents.

1) I am committed to maintaining the high level of service that the Town of Union provides its residents, and will try to continue to improve those services without adding additional economic burden to the town residents.

2) I will continue to address the growing problems connected with absentee landlords and creeping commercialism and their effect on our neighborhoods.

3) I believe that working with community leaders and local businessmen to improve our athletic facilities and recreational services will stimulate economic development in the Town of Union.

4) I am dedicated to exploring new areas of town service, and offering ways to control living costs, that town residents will benefit from.

5) I will strive to resolve local environmental issues with input provided by members of town advisory organizations.

6) I believe that working closely with community residents, and having their participation on issues of concern, is essential for effective problem solving.

I would appreciate hearing from Town of Union residents and other local officials.

I always have time to talk and listen to what you have to say.


J Nirchi Sr 

Joseph P. Nirchi

(607) 786-2995

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I am honored to serve the residents of the Town of Union. As a life long resident of the Village of Endicott and the Town of Union I have been passionate about serving my community. My vocation has been focused on public safety in my roles as a law enforcement officer with the Endicott Police Department, manager of Security and Emergency Services with Huron Real Estate, and life member of the Union Volunteer Emergency Squad. When I served as Trustee in the Village of Endicott, I worked to provide effective local government services in the most cost efficient manner possible. I have served for numerous years on the Union Volunteer Emergency Squad Board of Directors, Town of Union Street Light Commission and was a past member of the Broome County Traffic Safety Board.  I pledge to serve all residents to the best of my ability, drawing on my forty-six years of experience in public service.






 David Kudgus

(607) 786-2995

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you for visiting the Town of Union website. I am grateful and humbled that the residents of the Town of Union have chosen me to serve on the Town Board!

> I attended the Maine Endwell School District as a child and graduated from Union Endicott high school. Growing up, I have fond memories of the Highland Park 4th of July fireworks display, playing sports through a number of community organizations and talking to the “old timers” that built this community.

> After graduating from Binghamton University, I went to work at local non-profit agency. I wanted to give back to the community that had given me so much. My wife and stayed here and are raising our children in Endwell.

> My goals as a Councilman are simple…to make this community a community that people want to live, work and raise their families in and to continue to improve the quality of life that we enjoy as Town of Union residents. We can do this by continuing to make the Town a safe and affordable place to live and by investing in our economic development. I will work with our other Council members and Town residents to address any concerns and issues effecting us. I will be a steward of our tax dollars, ensuring that the services we pay for are delivered and cost effective. I will explore any and all potential economic development opportunities as our future will be determined by our growth.

> Thank you again for allowing me to serve you and please reach out if you would like to discuss anything!




2023 Committee Assignments

Enviromental/Laws & Legislation & Intergovernmental  
Joseph P. Nirchi, Chairman. Frank Bertoni
Finance  Committee
Thomas R. Augostini, Chairperson. David Kudgus
Employees / Safety Committee
Thomas R. Augostini, Chairperson. Joseph P. Nirchi
Parks & Recreation Committee
Frank Bertoni, Chairman. David Kudgus
 Planning & Zoning / Economic Development
 David Kudgus, Chairperson.  Thomas R. Augostini
 Capital Projects/ Safety Committee
 Frank Bertoni, Chairperson  Joseph P. Nirchi